NEW • Maral SF composite Nordic HC

The Maral SF composite Nordic HC gives prominence to black for its gunstock and fore-end, giving a new look to this rifle which has quickly taken the lion’s share of its category. Close to its cousin in brown composite, it is equipped with a threaded barrel (M14x1) and a Nomad Hybrid mounting rail for the telescopic sight.

NEW • Maral SF Composite Brown HC

Here, buttstock, grip and fore-end are brown in contrast to the black of the barrel and the receiver, giving it discretion and distinction. This fine straight-line action rifle with a threaded barrel (M14x1) and an adjustable cheek-piece also has a muzzle brake (T1), which can significantly reduce recoil and the extent of muzzle rise in case of successive shots. Offered in 30-06 and 308W calibres, the Maral SF Composite Brown HC is designed to receive a telescopic sight with its Nomad Hybrid base rails.

Maral SF Big Game

The Maral Big Game Fluted HC includes side plates engraved with hunting scenes. With the wide range of optional extras, each Maral Big Game rifle can be customised to your taste.

Maral SF Fluted Threaded HC

This model comes with a threaded barrel for fitting a silencer or muzzle brake.

Maral SF Wood

With all its undeniable experience in making hunting rifles, Browning has innovated yet again in the field of straight-pull action rifles with the new Maral. A real technical revolution, its quick-loading system offers shooters incomparable speed and unprecedented firing comfort. Browning combines this new technology with all the experience it possesses in bar rel-making and its expertise in safety with its 7-lug bolt, which already equips over a million rifles throughout the world. Efficiency can also be measured when you look at the breech, which is always contained inside the bolt-casing. This enables shooters to keep their target in their sights continuously when firing.